Cool morning with more wind than I like at bottom of tide. Fished last 2 hours out in 62 degree water and found nothing. start on incoming I found an infant who apparently was looking for it;s mama ,tagged her and sent her back to find it’s mommy, Never had another touch,incoming water quickly dropped to 59..Picked up one short fluke and disgusted I headed home,water temp down to 58 at dock. To make this even a better day!!!! I find my bilge pump not working,finally come to conclusion pump is shot ,should not complain as it has been in the boat for 12 years…Make a long story short after 3 stops in marine shops I found an exact match which was critically needed other wise major hose replacing would be needed …Tom and his expertise came to my rescue and did his excellent job of installing the new pump…..Ever need a good boat /motor mechanic Tom is outstanding
I probably won’t fish tomorrow as I will be on Shep’s radio show at 7 Hope to be back on water Monday morning