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Fishing report 6/30

I’m still snake bit,left dock around 430 looking for bass and found them BUT could not get one to touch my blue popper.Dick fishing in same area had 3 on a black popper.I lost my black popper earlier this week to a bluefish but now have a new one for tomorrow. Bite apparently didn’t last long as once tide started moving out nothing but bluefish.Did land 3 Blues on eels and lost 3 others to eels when they just bit them in half…Will give it a go in morning than probably not fish over weekend and let shoobies take over


If anyone is interested in a 19ft Mako with t-top and 115 ETEC after today I may be interested in selling and taking up golf
went out this morning on perfect tide for bass and never had a touch on my eel
Decided to try for fluke and once again never had a touch,all I did was burn gas looking
I’m not in a good mood

Fishing report 6/27-28

Yesterday I worked last 3 hours of outgoing and all I could find was one Bluefish..This morning raining I slept in ,rain let up and I headed out around 11 with 2 hours of incoming looking for fluke and all I could find was one 13 “er .one oystercracker and 1 big Cow nose ray
Fishing sucks in my area….Surfing through web it seems only areas producing much are areas that did not see a dredge off it’s inlet this winter and Spring ,picture is pretty clear to me ,Damn dredges destroying inshore lumps has destroyed the fishing…BUT home owners on the beaches are happy!!!!!!!

Fishing Report 6/26

Left dock before sunrise looking for bass but all I could find was Bluefish and landed 3 while they were chewing up 6 eels ..Eels I was using were males and Blues love males …Tried for fluke on bottom of tide in inlet area with nothing and back at dock at 8:30    took a ride to Ocean City looking for some female eels and was able to get 2 dozen females so maybe with little more outgoing tide I will find a bass


i had John Gasper with me today and we left dock around 7:15 thinking we could find fluke on last of incoming,,little drizzle when we pulled out but light wind,,,, worked the waterways north and south for about 3 hours and all we could find was 10 short fluke and never got 2 in same spot. Water temp was dropping as tide came in and on top of tide it was 63 ,dropping from 70 when we left dock
Tide turned wind came up against the tide and more light rain so we called it a day around noon
Hopefully next week as we move away from this Strawberry moon things will pick up,hell it is even tough to lose a bait to a crab now  Won’t fish tomorrow

fishing report 6/21

Left dock this morning dodging thunderstorms with fluke on my mind after not getting any bass for past 3 days… Could not get a very good drift in the wind .
started looking in areas that usually produce in late June but found nothing after 4 stops .Sky is looking ugly and radio indicating it was pouring in Ocean City 3 miles north so headed back toward home and fished Strathmere Bay where all I could find was 2 15″ fluke. Tried some different spots with nothing so called it a morning…Another Day wasting gas … Water temp had dropped to 64 on top of the tide and this is late June !!!!!


Left dock this morning 4:45am with bass on my mind but not to be ,either they have moved on with this full Moon or have stuffed themselves on the flood evening tides ,in any event I found nothing. Switched to fluke and found a couple of shorts than got 2 legal fish of 18 and19″ followed by another short . Went back on bass on start of outgoing but nothing and called it a morning
Water temp has climbed to 68 on top of the tide


Today was one of those great mornings when the moon sets and the sun rises within 15 minutes of each other a beautiful site to see.
Fish did not cooperate for me on Fathers Day.Started where I had bass yesterday and on;y thing there was Bluefish and a mess of boats scaring hell out of the bass.Made a run north and found bluefish ,came back to original spot on tide change and Bluefish…Tried for fluke for 1/2 hour with nothing and called it a day
3 Bluefish boated 20-24″ and lost another 6 to half eaten eels
Tomorrow hopefully less boats and more fish

fishing report 6/18

LEFT dock around 5am hoping to catch some fish before the Sat fleet showed up ,first stop found a 25″ bass and caught 4 more up to 27″ . By 7am the bite was over and waterways were filling up up with boats running hard scaring hell out of the bass . Stuck with it another hour but nothing so headed to barn. Everything on live eels . One trick that helps when using live eels is to kiss the eel on it;’s lips ,seems to work well. Another guy who fishes in my area regularly refuses to do that and even though he was fishing the same area as me this morning he never had a bite

fishing report 6/17

Little damp when I pulled out of the dock and enough NE wind to annoy you.Went looking for Bass but never saw a bass, few bluefish chewing on my eel and landed 2 but they were on;y 20″ I waited for tide to change out and gave it 1 1/2 hours without a touch..Wind now against the tide and stronger. Decided to switch to fluke but could not get a good drift …Did pick up 3 but no keepers…Second day of NE wind is always a tough day I’ve found