fishing report 5/10

I tried for an hour this morning but wind won out and I went ¬†back to dock ,guess I’m slowing down in my old age BUT wind dropped out on turn of tide outgoing so decided to try again this afternoon .Started out looking for bass but found none so I decided to go to Bluefish alley and found big Bluefish. First 2 bit through my 20 lb leader so switched to 40lb and landed 2 (29 and 32″) also had an interesting visitor as I had a harbor seal chasing my lure as I brought it in,2nd time it got right to the boat and looked up and smiled .NEVER had anything like that happen.Another boat came racing by and the seal was gone
One of these days this NE wind us going to switch to west but don’t asked me when, 13 of last 15 days has been NE and generally hard ¬†,water temps still in low 50’s