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fishing report 5/31

Left dock this morning in an dense Fog ,slowly got to my spot to start looking for Bass or Bluefish and found nothing. Slowly worked my way to the bay and went looking for fluke and all I did was drown some bait as I could not get a touch.Fog finally lifted and I kept looking but found nothing,disgusted I headed home and made one more stop where I finally choked a 17″ fluke but nothing else…I only saw a very few caught . Disgusted I headed home and called it a day
I need to come up with a new plan for tomorrow

fishing report 5/24

Pulled out of dock at 5:15 looking for fluke and headed for middle of bay. Slow drifted all the way through the bay into Flat creek and never had a touch ,not even crabs bothering me,,,,Took a ride north and hit some favorite spots ,nothing, one guy said he had 2 shorts 3 others had nothing. Heading home made one stop in Strathmere Bay and finally got a bite and landed a fat 22″er…Headed back in to pick up my son and his wife with a 2 year old and came back out drifting Flat cr for an hour with nothing…Continues to be my worse year in 60 ,Hell I caught more fish in May in the years there were not supposed to be any fluke than I have this May
Looks like a mess of rain heading this way
Hope you have a Great Memorial Day


A pretty nice morning when I pulled out of dock at 5:10 with 2 hours remaining on outgoing. I only had 2 hours as my house is full of grand kids .Slow bite continues but I did manage 1 -20″er and 2-17″ers before heading back to dock
Not real sure about tomorrow as I suspect you will be able to walk from boat to boat without getting wet .maybe Sunday but than maybe I will give it 2 hours

Hot bait continues to be dolphin filets, tough bait ,stays on hook ¬†and only available at Boulevard Bait and Tackle. Once you get the package you will need to do a little trimming so that it moves naturally in the water. I cut in 3/8″ strip and and than trim the meat a little taking the tail to a point

fishing report 5/26

A beautiful South Jersey morning as I pulled out of dock at 5:15am but it turned to total frustration as fluke were not cooperating,,Water temp on surface was 65 but on the bottom it was 54 which I suspect is contributing to problem….I ended up with 4 short fluke and totally frustrated ..With 25-30 boats fishing the area I didn’t see many rods bending but one guy did have 4 including a better than 4lber. I saw one other guy put one in his box Given the number of rods fishing this was not a pretty picture
It is clear to me that the early migration for most part never made it past the damn dredge and all we can hope for is the migration keeps coming now that dredge is gone
If this keeps up I may have a boat for sale


A Beautiful morning when I pull out of dock at 5:15am and went looking for fluke ..first stop picked up a 20″er and I’m thinking this will be my day BUT didn’t happen . Managed to find 4 shorts but that was it and I fish the tide all the way up…25-30 boats in the Bay and I didn’t see many fish go in a box..Water temp up to 62 but doesn’t seem to be helping .. Tried a couple of other normally good Spring spots but never had a touch and called it a morning…. Boat traffic will clearly increase with this good weather and a Holiday so I will fish tomorrow but not sure if I will fight the crowds over Holiday


One of the best mornings of the year.raining when I got to dock but it quickly left and winds were very light BUT fish were not enjoying the morning. I did find 11 short fluke and no keepers also got one big Bluefish of 30″ while looking for a bass
This continues to be my worst Spring ever and it is tough to maintain my sweet personality
But tomorrow is another day
10 of the 11 were caught on Boulavard Bait and tackle new dolphin strip baits

Fishing Report 5/23

it was a little miserable this morning when I pulled out of dock with ongoing NE wind..
Went looking for Fluke but bite was slow and fish were small;;
all I could find was 5 short fluke and they were found way out in bay in 3-5 ft of water..Water temp dropped a little to 56
Weather is supposed to improve but all I want is the wind to change out of this ugly NE
Tomorrow is another day


Opening day for fluke,left dock around 5am with wind and rain in forecast.
Found some fluke on last of incoming and picked up 10 including 2 -20″ er’s .Tide started out bite slowed down and wind picking up against the tide .Gave it 1 1/2 hours on outgoing and called it a day. good news about the weather it held the crowd down a little but still had the normal weekend warriors who don’t know how to slow down
Hot bait was the new dolphin strips that Boulevard Bait and Tackle has along with pink Gulp . Water temp got up to the ideal 60 so next week if weather allows should be good

Fishing report 5/20

Beautiful morning and day before opening day for Fluke. Started out looking for bass but could only find 2 bluefish of 28″ Switched to fluke and found a slow pick. Managed to get 6 with 2 that would be legal tomorrow of 19 and 24″
Found a new hot bait ,dolphin filets which is a tough bait and and produce 3 of the 6 fluke including the 24″er The new bait is available at Boulavard Bait and tackle in Ocean View ,It is one tough bait and stays on hook very good
Opening day for Fluke tomorrow but weather forecast is not encouraging and if today is any indication it will be a zoo on the water as today the waterways were full of idiots racing around and the idiots will triple tomorrow if weather permits


i’M starting to get disgusted ,went out at daybreak looking for bass and tried some different spots along with regular spots and found nothing.
Top of tide I switched to fluke and could on;y find ONE 17″ fluke ..worked the area first hour out and finally left and went looking in different areas ,same result 1 short fluke for the day
Water temp went up a little, but along with few fish I did not find any decent pods of bait …. Maybe I’ve lost my touch in my old age ,in any event this is getting down right discouraging