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I will be giving a summer Flounder seminar and information on fish tagging at Atlantic City Boat Show on Feb 4th at 1pm RFA booth
I will cover my inshore fluke techniques that I have used to tag and release over 8000 summer flounder
I will be primarily covering my home area of Cape May County but many of the ideas will work in most any area
I will cover baits and rigs used by the month from Apr-Nov for Summer Flounder

2015 recap

I hope all have had a good holiday and looking forward to 2016 Fishing season
Over the next few weeks prior to beginning to fish I will recap my 2015 which wasn’t very good but it is what it is… I will add a few tips that worked for meĀ 
So here is Chapter ONE
Season started mid-April and I found flounder and bass right away
but dredging started off shore and the bite quickly dropped off for everything but Bluefish
2015 totals

STRIPED BASS 96 “””””””””””””””””””””””””” 93
BLUEFISH 101 “””””””””””””””””””””””””” 100
SEA BASS 15 “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””” 0
WEAKFISH 3 “””””””””””””””””””””””””‘””” 1

TOTAL 457 403

I will begin recapping species by month in next couple of days