IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL DAY especially for Nov,warm,no wind and lots of sun buT could have done without the sun
Went out on bottom of tide and found one 25″ bass tide turned and I could not find a fish.
Called it a morning and went back out on top of the tide. Headed for the” HOLE”
first but could not get a fish BUT did see what looked like bass breaking water in an area that didn’t have 2 ft of water but I couldn’t to them . Thinking they would finally move out I stayed in area but never saw a fish so headed out to the creek. Worked the entire creek and into Ludlam and never saw fish… I decided as sun was setting to go to south end of my creek thinking maybe the fish I saw breaking water would come out there… Finally made a good decision and picked up 4 bass in 20 minutes (1-25″ and 3-17″ )
But after 4th fish the bite was over I worked the creek until sun set with nothing
Dave had 2 on live Spots and appears live spot is only thing getting decent size fluke they don’t appear interested in an eel. Probably will do same tomorrow