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BUCKTAIL WILLIE was pulled today and delivered to Dr Barnacle Bill for a check up and winterizing I had planned to stay in until Thanksgiving weekend but weather next 4-5 days does not look very good so decided rather than pulled in cold windy weather pull today
Good bye 2015 which clearly won’t go down as a very good year

I will recap my year over the next few weeks by species and over the winter offer some tips for 2016

To all of you who followed this website over the year I hope I helped you and kept you aware daily as to what was going on in my area
Have a great Thanksgiving and a Very Merry Christmas and hopefully I will be back in the water early April and back at it for another year which will be my 60th year fishing with my boat in the Strathmere -Corsons Inlet area
If you have specific questions that I may be able to answer don’t hesitate to ask
I strongly suspect there will be a Striped bass bite well into DEC as there still is a huge school of bass above LBI Late migration will mean there will be a potential for a larger than normal school of bass wintering over in our waters and they should be hungry in April
In my younger years I caught a lot of bass in Dec and there were 2 years back in early 90’s that I caught bass in Jan Water temperature will be the key if it stays over 44 fish will be hungry

fishing report 11/17

Got to dock this morning,wind blowing at 15-25 and I decide what the hell I’m going out..First stop I picked up one 22″ bass and than next 2 hours never saw a fish,,wind is a bitch now and tide getting ready to turn and against the strong East wind so I called it a morning…This wind is a bitch …. Hopefully I will get one more day before pulling out for the year


LEFT dock this morning around 8 with 2 hours of incoming ,beautiful morning little cool .First 3 stops nothing 4th spot I saw a few and caught 2 bass than nothing . top of tide I decided to try CHEESEMAN’S on start of outgoing and quickly got into 3 bass than nothing . Tried a couple spots but seeing nothing I called it a day with 5 bass 1-28 1/2 ,1-26 and 3 23″ bass
time is running out and I will probably pull boat this week


I went out this morning with an hour left on incoming Flood tide and it was a flood ,could not see banks …Work all my normal areas and went up into shallow bays and creeks and never saw a fish… Tide now going out so headed to my creek and found a lonely 23″ bass …. Worked that area but never saw another fish other than a few herring jumping Wind came up and rain was close by so called it a day
Given forecast next few days not sure when I will get out again
2015 is rapidly closing for me

FISHING REPORT 11/11 or lack of

Headed out on top of the tide but wasn’t all that optimistic given all the rain we got last night and I wasn’t disappointed
I fish tide out 2 hours in spots I’ve had a few fish past week but never saw a fish on my machine . Gave it a good 2 hours and with wind coming up I called it a day
maybe tomorrow if wind gives me a break but after tomorrow it doesn’t look very promising for a couple of days


Left house with ice on windshield and there was thin ice on the boat but out I went on tide first hour out …First 5 stops nothing and seeing nothing on my screen .Went back to where I started and saw a fish and caught it . Saw another but did not get it . Now still not seeing anything I started home but decided to work my creek and saw 2 more fish and got both of them and than once again a blank screen so called it a morning with 4 short bass ,short being an understatement as they were 17-19″ Still can’t get a touch on an eel ,the eels I have must be males ,I asked for females but given I can’t get a hit on an eel they have to be males
Tomorrow doesn’t look real pretty so it may get interesting

fishing report 11/8

I left dock hour before sunrise this morning and IT WAS COLD 39 at my boat with north wind
Headed to where I had fish yesterday and found nothing ,tide out 1 1/2 hours I took a cold ride and managed to find one 25″ bass but than nothing. Tide almost out so headed home but decided to try other end of my creek and found one bass 18″ and that was it …Both caught on bucktail ,nothing on poppers early and nothing on an EEL
looks like tomorrow morning will be colder as freeze warnings are up

fishing report 11/7

I left dock before sunrise this morning with only 2 hours to fish as I have to play Grandfather today
I found 5 bass 3 on poppers and 2 trolling .These fish were not big at 17-19″
Back at dock at 8am
There are some fish out there but you have to search them put as they are on the move


Another beautiful morning ,left dock 1/2 hour before sunrise and went looking with tide half way down
Hit all the spots I worked yesterday without a touch. Took a ride north and finally found one bass of 24″ but that was all
I had to quit before incoming to get to Rye ,NY
I may get back out tomorrow afternoon ,there are a few small fish but clearly my bait is too big and due to only having a couple of hours I stayed with large baits
I may have to change that tactic if bigger fish don’t show up soon as 2015 is rapidly coming to an end


Another beautiful morning . Left dock at day break with a good 2 hours of outgoing tide…Managed to find 3 1/2 bass all on trolled bucktails ,nothing on an eel .Largest was 25″ the 1/2 bass was all of 6″ Bait was larger than bass
Quit on bottom of the tide and came home and introduced myself to the damn leaves and spent a couple of hours moving some.
Went back put on top of the tide and found 3 more with largest at 23″ Went back to where I had a bite before sunset last night but it was dead . Continues to be a strange Fall.
I will go back out in morning but from there not sure when I will get back out

leaves and spent a couple of hours moving some.