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Weatherman changed the wind forecast and it turned out to be a beautiful morning with light West winds . Went looking for Bass drifting a live Spot on incoming tide , Hit every spot I knew without a touch. Headed north and switched to a bucktail and found 2 short bass ,continued working that area but nothing ,Tide almost up so headed south and found 1 small Bluefish.
Nothing was cooperating and as tide started out I worked my way home but found nothing else and called in a day under Bright sunshine
Sure appears it is going to be a LATE season if any in this area but it was a nice morning to be on the water
Once again weatherman is forecasting wind for tomorrow but we shall see ,clearly it will be colder


SKUNKED!!!!!!! left dock before sunrise dodging conch traps looking for bass but never had a touch, Ted fishing in same area had 4 most caught in front of me BUT me never had a touch ,dragged a Spot ,and trolled a bucktail and a rebel . Actually I never saw anything that looked like a fish on my screen
Apparently I am snake bit . Balance of the week not looking good due to high winds BUT if I can get out I will try again in morning
I’m not in very good mood so will probably need some adult medicine to improve my disposition

fishing report 10/7 &8

Left dock yesterday and went looking for bass, water had cleared up nicely so I was optimistic HOWEVER bass did not cooperate after 3 hours of looking and seeing no signs..Switched to fluke and picked up 3 shorts and called it a disappointing day
Today 8th I once again went looking for bass, left a little earlier before sun came up on a dead calm morning and saw no signs of bait or bass…After 2 hours and tide 1/2 out I finally got into a bass ,not a very big bass but a bass… This bass was still in diapers and apparently lost from it’s mom but I finally got a bass .However that was all I could find and I’m burning a lot of gas looking . On way back home I made a stop for fluke but no fluke and also nothing else it was like a desert
Sept /Oct continues to be a major disappointment …. I may wait a few days and play with my Grand kids for a couple of days

fishing report 10/6

Bucktail Willie got back in water this morning and went looking for bass but found NONE…. Water is rather dirty but clean of grass and trash
Decided to see if any Fluke were still around and did pick up 4 Shorts before calling it a day
Hopefully some bass will decide to show up one of these days Water Temp is right at 61
My optimism is slowly going south


Depression has set in as I spent afternoon waiting for the tide to drop so I could pull my boat and wait out the storms …Boat sitting in my yard in Oct brings tears to my eyes But it is what it is . Maybe assuming the hurricane which is following a Nor’easter will be all gone by Tuesday Boat Ramp was pretty busy once tide dropped Forecast is all over the map BUT Euro forecast is calling for the thing to pull off to the EAst and it has been the best predictor of these things in the past
Hope if you elected to keep your boat in all goes well