fishing report 10/7 &8

Left dock yesterday and went looking for bass, water had cleared up nicely so I was optimistic HOWEVER bass did not cooperate after 3 hours of looking and seeing no signs..Switched to fluke and picked up 3 shorts and called it a disappointing day
Today 8th I once again went looking for bass, left a little earlier before sun came up on a dead calm morning and saw no signs of bait or bass…After 2 hours and tide 1/2 out I finally got into a bass ,not a very big bass but a bass… This bass was still in diapers and apparently lost from it’s mom but I finally got a bass .However that was all I could find and I’m burning a lot of gas looking . On way back home I made a stop for fluke but no fluke and also nothing else it was like a desert
Sept /Oct continues to be a major disappointment …. I may wait a few days and play with my Grand kids for a couple of days