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Fishing report 10/30 &31

2 great days to fish but not so good catching…Dragged an eel both days on incoming tide and never had a touch…. Both dayspicked up one bass 1-23″ and 1-25″ I fished the tide all the way up both days and marked nothing worthwhile either day…. I wanted to go back into the meadows on top of the tide but duck hunter were active
Next week’s weather looks decent but if fish don’t show up I may be pulling the boat this time next week

fishing report 10/27

I finally lost my skunk. I worked a creek leading into the meadows with Ted nearby and had one splash but no hook up. After working that area until tide turned I decided to work some other creeks leading out of the meadow but found nothing. worked my way over the Whale Creek and work another area where the creek we were originally working empties into Whale creek and here I lost my skuink with a 20″ bass of a small trolled bucktail. Worked that same area for another 30 minutes with nothing and called it a day. Clearly these are still resident bass and migration not here.I continue to be concerned with the dredges off inlet affecting the migration …Weather will not be good tomorrow and will attend Granddaughters birthday in Wilminton on Thrusday so probably won’t be out until Friday


it was a relatively warm but wet morning when I pulled out of dock a hour before sunrise on top of the tide
That was good news for the day as I never saw a fish.I had 3 fishfinders going including one with side scan and never saw a fish
It appears the resident fish have moved on and migration is not here
I worked the tide down for 3 hours with nothing which has not been good for my pleasant personalty Maybe tomorrow but with perfect conditions for bass and not finding any it is very disappointing and the year is rapidly leaving
I’m either losing my touch in my old age or fish aren’t here
Maybe tomorrow

fishing report 10/25

I left dock under cover of darkness with a good nip in the air .Heading across Strathmere Bay I had a dolphin with a 3 ft baby damn near jump into my boat and close enough to get me wet with her tail splash
Once my heart got back to normal I went looking for bass and I was not seeing anything on my screen Did finally find a rat 17″ in front of a creek but that was it .Decided to head into Ludlam Bay and fish a couple of cuts and managed to find a 25 ” bass than again nothing….Fish the tide all the way down with nothing else and called it a morning.
Maybe tomorrow they will show up in numbers


Beautiful morning ,dead calm and warm for Oct . Work the last 2 hours of outgoing and not marking much. Very bottom of the tide I found 2 bass but nothing on incoming .
Decided to get some breakfast and come back out of top of tide….All I did was burn gas ,never saw a fish .stayed with it for first hour out and said the hell with it and came home . My screen looked like a desert ,never saw anything that looked like a fish 5 other boats and nobody had anything
Plan to give it a couple of hours in morning

fishing report 10/20

Wind won today,left dock with a stiff SW wind that got stiffer as sun came up .Bottom of the tide I went looking in normal spots with nothing . Wind making a decent drift so started home and made one stop on way in and picked up 1 -21″ bass on a bucktail .Worked the area for 3 more drifts with nothing and headed to the barn. Lot warmer than yesterday but I would take the cold over a stiff wind

Fishing report 10/19

Cold morning and ice on my boat ,left dock around 8 looking for bass but could not get one interested in an eel .Tom fishing in front of me got 5 or 6 on live Spot but not me .I hung in until top of tide and could not get a bite other than a couple of little Bluefish chewing up my eels
top of tide I headed up a small creek that has produced in the past and landed a 25″ bass onn rattle trap but that was it. Started working my way home working a rattle trap with a teaser and picked up one more 20 ” bass on a teaser and than called it a day
Maybe tomorrow they will prefer eels

fishing report 10/17

Sometimes you get the fish sometimes the fish get you. Given I never had a fish yesterday on start of incoming and had them on top of the tide I waited until tide was halfway up before going out BAD DECISION … there were bass caught early but I waited until tide was halfway up and never had a touch on an eel.. Did switched to a bucktail and found one short before the wind came up hard and I called it a day Won’t fish tomorrow but expect to put in a hard week next week


I went out this morning on incoming tide and found nothing but little bluefish…. Had to quit before High tide due to an appointment BUT it got cancelled So I went back out on top of tide GREAT MOVE
First stop I got into a 27″ ,kept working same area and lost one,went back over same area and got into a good one that wasn’t very happy and was peeling line off, I turn boat to chase it and after 15 minutes I finally got her to the boat and it was a nice fat bass of 37″ Tide. now running hard out and wind was coming up gusty but managed to get one more of 26″ Than nothing so.. made a move and found 2 more shorts than nothing and called it an afternoon
Not sure what tomorrow will bring forecast isn’t promisiing

fishing report of lack of 10/15

Went out this morning fished last 3 hours of incoming and never saw a fish ,, Fishfinder screens which I have 3 on board was bare at every stop, no bait ,no nothing
I will take 3 days off I think as looks like it is going to be windy
Was a beautiful but little brisk morning with temp at boat 42 Hopefully things will pick up as year is running out