Left dock around 5am and water was flat calm,Went looking for bass and found NONE..Hit a couple of weakfish spots and found no one home .Switched to fluke in a spot that has consistently produce high numbers in Sept but only found 3 and one turned out to be the smallest fluke I have ever caught ,it was almost 8 ” and it hit a bucktail with a 6″ worm .Must have been anxious to get off it’s mother’s milk
Decided to look for some Spot for my pen but couldn’t get through the small sea bass ,probably caught over 30.
did get ONE spot and 1 puppy drum
Called it a day only to run into a traffic jam as the Island exudus had begun,got to Route 9 and it was a parking lot north bound ..GSP was moving all of 15 mph
Appears it will be lonely when I get back out as I will take 2 days off to play with my 2 month old grand boys
leaved some for breeders while I’m gone