WIND was blowing hard 15-20 NE when I pulled out of dock,my thinking was it would lay down a little on bottom of the tide and it did ,dropped to 10-15 . Tried for bass found NONE,this is worse Sept for bass I have had in 12 years with only one bass the entire month
Decided to go to inlet and found nothing but small sea bass chewing up my bait… Headed back to bass spot on bottom of the tide and finally got a bent rod and got into a 29″ Bluefish . Worked the area until tide turned. Once tide was in an hour wind came back up stiff and I headed to the barn calling it a lousy day
I will take a couple of days off and regroup my thinking ,back on Saturday BUT weekend weather is looking lousy right now so may not get out again until Monday… Hell, I might need that much time to regroup,this has been a frustrating year for sure