fishing report 9/19

Pulled out of dock this morning at 5:15 ,dead low tide and a DENSE Fog ,I could not see 20 ft in front of boat.. I am at the mercy of the GPS which isn’t exact but close allowed me to work my way to the spot I wanted on ICW ..Plan was to go deep and try to get under the Bluefish and maybe find a weakfish… Not to be as Bluefish were on bottom… First 3 hits resulted in them biting off a 40 lb leader . I decided to speed up my troll and this resulted in finally getting into 3 decent size bluefish of 23 and 25″..tide rolling in and Fog still thick so made a slight move but lost sight of my marker in the fog and lost the school of Bluefish…Fog lifting a little but never found the school again…. Good thing about fishing in the fog is no one is around.. Fog now gone and I see 2 boats high and dry on the mud ,they appareantly missed the channel .I couldn’t help them as it was too shallow but tide was coming in good so they probably got off within the hour
I tried a couple of spots for bass but seeing nothing and the rental fleet coming out in mass I called it a morning and back at dock by 8:45
I won’t be fishing tomorrow but will be out Monday ,hopefully no fog