fISHING REPORT 9/10 and 11

yESTERDAY I went looking for bait for my bait pen and picked up 6 SPOTS plus a few grunts for bass if they ever decide to show up which i suspect they will once water temps drop,also picked up 3 short Fluke ,lizzardfish ,sea bass and sea robins
Today the plan was to find a bass but with no success. There were bass in the light at my dock but didn’t seem all that hungry and apparently they are hiding under the dock in the warm water. Picked up 2 short fluke and all the other little stuff
TODAY being 9/11 I went to the spot 14 years ago I was at when the Tower went down and had amoment of silence and cursed the Muslims
This country has clearly come a long way since 9/11 and the wrong direction.Today this country is run by Muslims with a President who has surrounded himself with Muslims including the CIA director reponsible for keeping this country safe … I fear for the future of this country given current direction
I’m sorry for the rant but my feelings are strong and they surface in a very negative way on this day