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Fishig report 9/30

Sept is about to leave and Oct looks interesting with the hurricane trying to make up it’s mind where it is going
I tried this morning for bass with once again no success and went looking for some Spot I case the bass ever do show up . Picked up 2 Spots ,bunch of small sea bass, sea robins and Blowfish Also got 2 short Fluke of 15 and 17″
Given conditions regardless of hurricane are not going to be very good next few days I plan to pull boat tomorrow and wait for weather to pass by
Maybe once storm goes by fish will arrive hungry


Wind finally laid down a little and went out yesterday with John Gasper BUT all we could find was small sea bass,grunts ,sea robins
Went out this morning flat calm worked a popper every place I ever caught a bass with only a small Bluefish to show for couple hundred cast…Switched to fluke and little sea bass and grunts were driving me crazy and only got 1 -17″ fluke ….Water looks like a desert very little sign of LIFE
Lousy weather on the way in with slight possibility of something tropical ,in any even it looks like boat will stay tied up due to wind and rain until at lease monday if weatherman is close to accurate


The wind has been blowing hard for past 6 days NE and today blowing hardest so far…Went o dock and said hello and came home. MAYBE by monday it will lay down a little .. Real High tides in evenings


WIND was blowing hard 15-20 NE when I pulled out of dock,my thinking was it would lay down a little on bottom of the tide and it did ,dropped to 10-15 . Tried for bass found NONE,this is worse Sept for bass I have had in 12 years with only one bass the entire month
Decided to go to inlet and found nothing but small sea bass chewing up my bait… Headed back to bass spot on bottom of the tide and finally got a bent rod and got into a 29″ Bluefish . Worked the area until tide turned. Once tide was in an hour wind came back up stiff and I headed to the barn calling it a lousy day
I will take a couple of days off and regroup my thinking ,back on Saturday BUT weekend weather is looking lousy right now so may not get out again until Monday… Hell, I might need that much time to regroup,this has been a frustrating year for sure

fishing report 9/22

After not being able to get out of dock due to wind yesterday I went out this morning with a continued stiff but less wind this morning looking for bass and found NONE
Did find a couple of nice Blues of 23 and 28″ missed a couple more with them biting off my lure but that was it. Tide started in and wind got worse so headed to the dock and called it a day

fishing report 9/19

Pulled out of dock this morning at 5:15 ,dead low tide and a DENSE Fog ,I could not see 20 ft in front of boat.. I am at the mercy of the GPS which isn’t exact but close allowed me to work my way to the spot I wanted on ICW ..Plan was to go deep and try to get under the Bluefish and maybe find a weakfish… Not to be as Bluefish were on bottom… First 3 hits resulted in them biting off a 40 lb leader . I decided to speed up my troll and this resulted in finally getting into 3 decent size bluefish of 23 and 25″..tide rolling in and Fog still thick so made a slight move but lost sight of my marker in the fog and lost the school of Bluefish…Fog lifting a little but never found the school again…. Good thing about fishing in the fog is no one is around.. Fog now gone and I see 2 boats high and dry on the mud ,they appareantly missed the channel .I couldn’t help them as it was too shallow but tide was coming in good so they probably got off within the hour
I tried a couple of spots for bass but seeing nothing and the rental fleet coming out in mass I called it a morning and back at dock by 8:45
I won’t be fishing tomorrow but will be out Monday ,hopefully no fog


Left dock around 5:15 in a little fog and headed to where I had Bluefish all week,,plan was to go with heavier jig and try to get under them to see if there was a weakfish .. No weakfish but managed to picked up 3 bluefish up to 24″ and missed a couple more.Sun now up and no fish to be found ,worked the area for another 45 minutes with nothing Too much sun.
Decided to go find some Spot in case the bass ever decidfed to come out from hiding under the docks and picked up 3 Spot along with several other of the normal species
Heard there was bass in the inlet .
not sure if I will get out again until Monday

9/17 fishing report

Left dock around 6am, tide just starting in looking for Bass and found NONE ..Bluefish were in same area as yesterday and a little bigger at 19-21″ .Picked up 4 ,missed a couple . Once sun was above horizon I could not get another Blue… Went looking for Fluke and found 2 including one 19″er
Tried for some Spot but little sea bass would not leave me alone so called it a morning and came home
Bass were in the light again this morning but just bite or leave the cover of the dock
Beautiful morning but a little buggy


Another beautiful morning ,not a cloud in the sky and little wind.
Start of incoming tide so went looking for weakfish and once again found NONE however there was a school of Bluefish and managed to get 3 -19″er’s before sun got too high than they were gone . I spent time looking for them but have no idea where they went. Decided to try for some bait for my pen and picked up 3 Spots and a Grunt along with 1-17″ Fluke
Helleva lot better than yesterday but still disappointing
Bass once again were in the light at my dock but they won’t bite and aren’t leaving the cover of the dock. Maybe a little more water temp drop ,(71 today) will get them active

fishing report 9/15 or lack of it

Beautiful morning when I pulled out around 5:30 and went looking for weakfish and found NONE, switched to bass and found NONE ,headed to inlet to look for fluke and found NONE
All kinds of small stuff ,sea bass,sea robins, blowfish, but nothing decent
At the moment all I am doing is burning gas and not much fun… Worst part is every morning I see bass in the light at my dock and I think today is the day but they don’t seem to ever leave the dock Maybe tomorrow