fishing report 8/15

Beautiful morning,flat calm when I pulled out of dock at 4am .Aug 15th has been an interesting date as 6 of the last 10 years I’ve caught weakfish on aug 15th ,now it will be 6 of last 11 years as no weakfish found in 2 hours before sunrise…Also nothing else. Sun up not a cloud in the sky and waterway getting crowded so with tide starting out I switched to Fluke ,first stop picked up 3 shorts,2nd stop 1 short and than made a run and found 3 more including a 20″er before calling it a day. Fluke were in relatively shallow water and not where you would expect this time of the year.. all 3 stops that produced were flats leading out of deeper water
Water temp seems to have settled down at 73 and not seeing the huge swings which should get a bite going
I probably won’t be fishing next 3 days unless I decided to take my young grand kids out for sea bass
There are flounder to be caught but finding them is the problem,if you get one good chance there are more in same area