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Well after a week of playing with Grand Kids I headed out his morning without a plan. Pulled out of dock at 5:15 under a bright full moon. First stop got into a short bass BUT that was all she wrote for next 2 hours as I searched for more bass… Sun up and tide almost up so decided to look around the inlet, other than small sea bass bothering me all I could find was a few sea robins so 9:30 headed home .
Will do some reading of old logs and see if I can figured out something out.
I may just try to find some Spots tomorrow to fill my bait pen in anticiapation of bass showing up
Could really use a water temp drop to get some decent fish excited


Little more wind this morning SE and dead low tide. Weakfish were on my mind so started hitting my weakfish spots . 4th stop I found large croakers 11-13″ . All were hitting the top bait so decided to try to get under them and I picked up 3 short fluke..than tried one more drift through the Croakers and FINALLY found a 16″ weakfish made several more drifts over same area and nothing .Wind coming up stronger so called it a day
Plan was to find weakfish so I guess getting one accomplished the mission but would have liked more
My fishing will be very limited as 6 of my 8 grand kids will be here beginning tomorrow and it will be play time and maybe 1-2 trips with them

fishing report 8/19

Well ,after taking a few days off I headed out this morning on dead low. decided to try around inlet for fluke…Small sea bass driving me crazy but managed to get 3 -17″ fluke .Tide now moving inso went looking for bass or bluefish BUT neither was cooperating
Hit all my normal spots on incoming tide with no success so called it a early morning and before it got too hot
Tough time of the year for inshore fishermen but better days are coming if Damn dredges ever leave
My bet is whatever bite there is is after dark
May try tomorrow morning and than take a couple more days off to play with grand kids

fishing report 8/15

Beautiful morning,flat calm when I pulled out of dock at 4am .Aug 15th has been an interesting date as 6 of the last 10 years I’ve caught weakfish on aug 15th ,now it will be 6 of last 11 years as no weakfish found in 2 hours before sunrise…Also nothing else. Sun up not a cloud in the sky and waterway getting crowded so with tide starting out I switched to Fluke ,first stop picked up 3 shorts,2nd stop 1 short and than made a run and found 3 more including a 20″er before calling it a day. Fluke were in relatively shallow water and not where you would expect this time of the year.. all 3 stops that produced were flats leading out of deeper water
Water temp seems to have settled down at 73 and not seeing the huge swings which should get a bite going
I probably won’t be fishing next 3 days unless I decided to take my young grand kids out for sea bass
There are flounder to be caught but finding them is the problem,if you get one good chance there are more in same area

8/13 fishing report

A beautiful morning as I pulled out of dock under cover of darkness . Went looking for bass and managed to find 2 of 22″‘s before sun broke the horrizon. Once sun popped out there was not a clould in the sky and bass could not be found on my SmackiJr popper so switched to a troll with start of outgoing tide but no bass and seeing no bait I decided to make one more pass and BANG I’m into a big Bluefish which once I got it to boat and tagged it was 30″…Of course I now had to make couple more passes but nothing and headed to inlet to look for Fluke…Nothing but small sea bass harrassing me so headed home called it a day
Crabbing seems to be excellent ,one guy I talked to on way in had a bushel in 2 hours this morning. He showed me one crab that had to be 8 or 9″ across ,monster !!!
Want best crabbing info, see Cameron at Boulavard Bait and tackle

summer flounder update for 2016

Well ,they voted and we will get a 29% reduction on summer flounder in 2016 … That means at least 28 day reduction and maybe a size increase
I’m sure there will be more conversations on this and who knows maybe our Congressmen will wake up BUT at this point I would be surprised to see anything change from this point on
HOPE I’m wrong


Bad start, overslept ,never left dock until 6am and I’m pissed
Headed out looking for bass with my Smacki jr popper….Managed to raise 2 but couldn’t get a hook in them probably result of me being pissed and not working the popper well Switched to trolling on outgoing tide and nothing… So instead of looking for Fluke I went looking for Spots but only found small sea bass
Crabbing appears pretty good
Cameron at BOULAVARD BAIT AND TACKLE IN OCEAN VIEW has latest info on prime areas producing crabs


After a 3 day absence I headed out this morning and it was a beautiful morning BUT today was a 1-1-1 Day 1 short fluke ,1 -22″ bass, and 1-30″ Bluefish …Apparently there was a good bass bite yesterday but today lockjaw set in
. Some good tides next couple of days so maybe something will happen““““““““““““““““““““`


Beautiful morning but fish did not cooperate… I have been in water since 2nd week of April and have caught fish on every trip since launching UNTIL TODAY
First skunked of the year , Threw a popper nothing ,dragged a bucktail nothing . Went to bottom with Gulp and nothing never had a touch.
Incoming water was 64 degrees which should have woke up some bass but didn’t
The only positive thing about today was I was able to get on WOND radio with Congressman LoBiondo and discuss the flounder regulation issue with him and he indicated he has received the information I helped Mike Sheppard put together and said he was going to get involved and ask NJ Senators to get involved with him
We shall see what “really ” happens


Well, left dock at 4:30am looking for Bass or Bluefish BUT today defined why it is called Fishing and not Catching … I could not find any fish where they have been for 3 weeks. worked last hour down and 2 hours in and had nothing …Incoming water was COLD at 63 degrees
Finally gave up as lost cause ,made one stop on way home where I’ve caught bass in cold summer water before but on;y found 1 -17″ fluke
Very disappointing for sure, Continues to be a very strange year for me ,hopefully others are doing better