fishing report 7/30

LEFT dock at 4:30 am with little over 2 hours to go before high tide and went looking for bass,fish tide all the way up and all I had for it was 1 Sting Ray
Decided to try for fluke and found 8 all between 17- 17 1/2 . Stayed around for first hour out going and than called it a day\
Yesterday I spent 3 hours on auido conference with Summer Flounder advisors for ASMFC and Mid-Atlantic Council . 57 advisors from evert State from MA-NC. This was one angry group after getting the full review as to what we can expect the next 3 years
2016 29% reduction from 2015. 2017 –23% from 2016 allocation, 2018 20% from 2-17 allocation
This spells disaster for the fishing economy . Our comments will be presented to Mid-Atlantic Council Mid -August in NYC
The only way I can see anything changing is for Coastal elected politicians getting involved
I have been told Congressman LoBiondo after hearing of the problem offered to get involved and was goIng to call other coastal congressman
I expect to be on Mike Sheppards radio show “Shep on fishing” Sat morning 7am
Recreational fishermen have to get involved in process…Short note to your Congressman in your words asking them to get involved in the injustice and economy ruining actions by these 2 Government committees.
If you like flounder to eat and like to catch them you better get involved ..