Yesterday I woke up to thunderstorms and rolled over and went back to sleep, than later in afternoon on top of the tideĀ  I went out BUT realized why I don’t fish afternoons,,, Jet skies all over the place must have been 50 along with some idiots pulling inner tubes ..Picked up one short fluke 17″ and got the hell back to dock
This morning I left dock around 4:30 looking for bass .worked the entire Sound with a popper but never had a splash.. Headed out to ICW and got into Sting Rays ,hooked into 2 of them and got the hell away.
Went looking for Fluke in the inlet but could only find 3 shorts, Getting warm and little to no air so headed home and called it a day
Probably won’t fish tomorrow as I have a ASMFC Fluke advisors meeting from 9-noon which will probably be all bad news