A BEAUTIFUL MORNING, left dock at 4am with bass on my mind .tide halfway out and after 2 hours of searching and nothing and sun coming up I went looking for fluke…My bait was probably too big for the baby fluke that kept hitting me BUT DID GET ONE 20″ER and a 17″er but that was it.Tide started in headed to where the Bluefish have been…I could see fish on my screen but they were not interested in feeding. I had a couple of hits but they were just playing with bait. 3 of us working same area and we all had same problem. Fish just were not biting,maybe they would have turned on when tide got up but I called it a morning
Guess I will have to down size my bait if I want to catch fish but than maybe not.
I think if and when water temps drop a few more degrees things may get exciting