fishing report 7/22

Some days you get the fish some days the fish win …NW wind following the storms had bait fish all broken up and fish were not holding where they were yesterday. Looked for bass but only the damn Sting Rays, switched to fluke and could only come up with “babies” probably still on mothers milk
Tide started in and I went to see if Blues would show up again but nothing like yesterday. Managed to get 3 and had another 3 bite off my jig but clearly they were not being aggressive and not feeding as there was not a bird in sight.
Yesterday there had to be couple hundred birds working the Blues but not today…NW on the inshore seems to scatter the bait unlike a southerly blow that seems to bunch up the bait
The real disappointment is lack of bass ,the past 5 July’s I have had excellent bass bite all the way through July,not this year
OH WELL tomorrow is another Day