Little breazy this morning but went out and towards inlet. When I got to bridge I saw a 1/2 dozens Sharks swimming around on surface… I put a large bucktail on and tried to drop it in front of one. First cast missed ,second cast was about 6 ft in front of a good size one and it was hit almost as it hit the water.. I played with this fish for a good 20 minutes and tried to get it into shallow water without success but did get it to boat. I had rope ready to tail hook it as I wanted to stick a tag in her BUT as I was trying to get rope on tail she bit off and took off.This sharks was every bit of 5 1/2 to 6ft and maybe little bigger.
AND now sun is breaking out and sharks have left.
spend next 2 hours looking for fluke but could only find one short and called it a morning
you just never known what can happen on a given day… Was exciting