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fishing report 7/31

well ,July is now behind us . It was a beautiful morning and a GREAT Moon set .For those who like to sleep in you missed 2 days of beautiful moon sets.
Started out looking for bass but after an hour I decided to look for Fluke. I was able to find 11 fluke but nothing legal with all 11 between 16-17 !/2 ”
Water temp around inlet had dropped to 64 degrees,if this lower temps hold things could get interesting in August
Given how strange this year has been no telling what August will bring
Will not fish tomorrow and will be on Shep’s fishing show talking about upcoming Fluke regulations … We have made contact with Congressman Lobiondo and he has given his support in trying to prevent the severe fluke regulations forecasted.He may be calling into the show in morning.

fishing report 7/30

LEFT dock at 4:30 am with little over 2 hours to go before high tide and went looking for bass,fish tide all the way up and all I had for it was 1 Sting Ray
Decided to try for fluke and found 8 all between 17- 17 1/2 . Stayed around for first hour out going and than called it a day\
Yesterday I spent 3 hours on auido conference with Summer Flounder advisors for ASMFC and Mid-Atlantic Council . 57 advisors from evert State from MA-NC. This was one angry group after getting the full review as to what we can expect the next 3 years
2016 29% reduction from 2015. 2017 –23% from 2016 allocation, 2018 20% from 2-17 allocation
This spells disaster for the fishing economy . Our comments will be presented to Mid-Atlantic Council Mid -August in NYC
The only way I can see anything changing is for Coastal elected politicians getting involved
I have been told Congressman LoBiondo after hearing of the problem offered to get involved and was goIng to call other coastal congressman
I expect to be on Mike Sheppards radio show “Shep on fishing” Sat morning 7am
Recreational fishermen have to get involved in process…Short note to your Congressman in your words asking them to get involved in the injustice and economy ruining actions by these 2 Government committees.
If you like flounder to eat and like to catch them you better get involved ..


Yesterday I woke up to thunderstorms and rolled over and went back to sleep, than later in afternoon on top of the tideĀ  I went out BUT realized why I don’t fish afternoons,,, Jet skies all over the place must have been 50 along with some idiots pulling inner tubes ..Picked up one short fluke 17″ and got the hell back to dock
This morning I left dock around 4:30 looking for bass .worked the entire Sound with a popper but never had a splash.. Headed out to ICW and got into Sting Rays ,hooked into 2 of them and got the hell away.
Went looking for Fluke in the inlet but could only find 3 shorts, Getting warm and little to no air so headed home and called it a day
Probably won’t fish tomorrow as I have a ASMFC Fluke advisors meeting from 9-noon which will probably be all bad news


Beatiful morning and I went looking for bass but could only find Sting Rays.Headed to my Bluefish spot and they were there .Picked up 8 up to 30″ before a couple of idiot shoobies ran through the school wide open and bite was over. Switched to fluke in inlet and managed to get 7 but nothing over 17 1/2″
Bottom of the tide is dead so came home and let the shoobies have the waterways
will not fish tomorrow but hope to be back out Monday
Tides should be excellent next week for catching fish


A beautiful morning for a boat ride ,makes one wonder why some people miss sun rises
Left dock at 4:15am looking for bass but finding none I went looking to see if Bluefish were around and managed to get 8 but these were generally smaller than previous trips 17-23″ But they did put on a show with 2 -3 complete jumps out of the water
Bite slowed as tide slowed down so headed to inlet looking for Fluke .. Maanged to get 3 of 17″ before tide completely stopped and I decided to head to the barn
Still plenty of Big Rays around if you want to test your equipment
Haven’t decided on tomorrow as I suspect waterways will be crowded AND not fishing Sunday


A BEAUTIFUL MORNING, left dock at 4am with bass on my mind .tide halfway out and after 2 hours of searching and nothing and sun coming up I went looking for fluke…My bait was probably too big for the baby fluke that kept hitting me BUT DID GET ONE 20″ER and a 17″er but that was it.Tide started in headed to where the Bluefish have been…I could see fish on my screen but they were not interested in feeding. I had a couple of hits but they were just playing with bait. 3 of us working same area and we all had same problem. Fish just were not biting,maybe they would have turned on when tide got up but I called it a morning
Guess I will have to down size my bait if I want to catch fish but than maybe not.
I think if and when water temps drop a few more degrees things may get exciting

fishing report 7/22

Some days you get the fish some days the fish win …NW wind following the storms had bait fish all broken up and fish were not holding where they were yesterday. Looked for bass but only the damn Sting Rays, switched to fluke and could only come up with “babies” probably still on mothers milk
Tide started in and I went to see if Blues would show up again but nothing like yesterday. Managed to get 3 and had another 3 bite off my jig but clearly they were not being aggressive and not feeding as there was not a bird in sight.
Yesterday there had to be couple hundred birds working the Blues but not today…NW on the inshore seems to scatter the bait unlike a southerly blow that seems to bunch up the bait
The real disappointment is lack of bass ,the past 5 July’s I have had excellent bass bite all the way through July,not this year
OH WELL tomorrow is another Day


I heard a rumor some bass were being caught at night on cut bait in one of my favorite spots so decided to leave dock a 4am with live eels and see if bass were interested. worked the areA until sun up with nothing.switched to fluke on bottom of the tide and picked up 2 .tide starting in so decided to hit another spot and found Bluefish all over the surface along with large Rays. Got hooked into 2 Rays and cut the line once I got them to boat. Bluefish moved a little and I got into them and managed to pull 11 out from 17-22″ .. I also found one 26″ bass mixed in with the Bluefish. Looked like there may have been couple other bass under the Blues but I could not get a lure down to them without Blues hitting the lure
IT is hot and very humid so called it quits around 8:45 and headed for the barn leaving the bluefish still biting
Little better than recent trips so may try agin in morning

fishing report 7/20

well, after playing with my new Grand kids for 4 days I tried to fish this morning. Sting Rays were all over and after getting 2 tom the boat and donating a rig I tried something different with poor results. Water temp is 80 which is unheard of in mid July. Looked for fluke and found one 17″er . Decided to see if any seabass or spots have shown up and could not loose a piece of bait. Not best tide but waited out the first 2 hours of incoming with nothing so called it a morning and headed to dock in a bad mood


Lots of lousy weather,actually waited at dock until 5:15 and pulled out in a drizzle while watching the radar
Headed where I had then yesterday but only found one.. SKY is looking real ugly ,made a long drift from bridge with nothing . Lightening on main land and now I see a storm coming right at me even though it was dead calm
Experience has told this is not good so I head for dock and wind comes up strong and wet as I pull into dock .
Decided it wasn’t worth it waiting out and put everything away
I will not be out until at least Sunday