fishing report 5/22

OPENING Day for Fluke and it was a zoo,obviously nobody is working. I counted 41 trailers at ramp and 17 cars in Parking lot when I go back to my car

Stiff NW wind after a night of rain.I decided I was not going where the fleet would be
I started fishing for Bass and got one short and 2 Bluefish. Only a couple of boats so switched to fluke and picked up a keeper right off,I turn around and I have 9 boats within 25 yards. May a move away and picked few more short fluke and more boats ,made another move and picked up another legal fluke and looked up and there are 3 boats bumping into one another. I said to myself,”this is insane” Wind making it tough to drift ,boats all over the place I called it a morning
NJ has to be the dumbest State in Union opening fluke on a Holiday weekend .Probably will only get worse the next couple of days
Total fluke 8 , 2 legal