fishing report 5/21

Day before opening day for Fluke. Bill from Marina was looking for me to show him some tricks and we set up today . Always a little nervous when picking a day and time to take someone and show what I do…weather report wasn’t good as rain was all around us but we pulled out of dock at 6:15 on first of incoming tide . I decided to look for Bluefish first and they were there and we managed to land 6 . Bill got his first Bluefish. Switched to fluke and managed to find 7 with 3 that would be legal tomorrow
Little rain coming when I decide to head north and look for a bass,after 3 stops we found a spot with some bass and we got 4 ,nothing real big but they were angry.Bill got his first Striped bass.
Rain coming up again as we end the trip and I would say we had a successful trip but we needed a weakfish for a Grand Slam
Tomorrow is opening day for fluke all the peace and quiet of the Spring will be over and with opening day with a low tide at 7am it should be an ugly scene
Thanks Bill for great company ,hopefully some of these tricks will work for you all summer