I should have stayed in bed this morning.Thick
Fog when I got to boat but I went out anyway. Started out trolling for bass into the Bay with nothing..Headed into the Bay looking for Fluke,Fog is so thick I could barely see my bow and was fishing entirely by GPS .After working the bay for an hour with NOTHING I decided to head north and back on the bass. This was a slow trip as I could barely run half speed.Finally got there and found 1 short bass on a Smack it JR surface plug…If you haven’t got a Smack it Jr in your box and you like Striped bass you are missing a great lure. But that was the only bass I could find. Tried another Fluke spot with nothing , Fluke are starting to worry me as I have never had a May like this for fluke. Decided to start home making a couple of stops along the way with nothing.
Decided before quiting I would try the south end of my creek which has been good early season fluke spot NOTHING .. I did see a 8-9ft shark in 3 ft of water circling I suspect she was dropping her young.
No fluke ,never had a touch so started a slow troll back when the rod was almost pulled out of my hands ,after 10-12 minutes of playing this fish that made 4 jumps completely out of the water I finally got her to boat and tagged a 34″ Bluefish.Fog finally lifting but I was fed up with lack of fish and came home
Should have stayed in bed