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Went out this morning with only a couple of hours available ,started out looking for bass but found none
Headed back to Bay and managed to land 4 short Fluke 17- 17 3/4″
Pretty good blow out tide and suspect bite will turn on when tide gets half way up
This will be my last report until June 2nd


After opening day crowds I elected not to go out yesterday. Went out this morning hour before sunrise,nice and quiet looking for bass found a Bluefish.. Decided to give fluke a try picked up 3 shorts and a 20″er and called it a day to keep my blood pressure down and back at dock by 8:30

fishing report 5/22

OPENING Day for Fluke and it was a zoo,obviously nobody is working. I counted 41 trailers at ramp and 17 cars in Parking lot when I go back to my car

Stiff NW wind after a night of rain.I decided I was not going where the fleet would be
I started fishing for Bass and got one short and 2 Bluefish. Only a couple of boats so switched to fluke and picked up a keeper right off,I turn around and I have 9 boats within 25 yards. May a move away and picked few more short fluke and more boats ,made another move and picked up another legal fluke and looked up and there are 3 boats bumping into one another. I said to myself,”this is insane” Wind making it tough to drift ,boats all over the place I called it a morning
NJ has to be the dumbest State in Union opening fluke on a Holiday weekend .Probably will only get worse the next couple of days
Total fluke 8 , 2 legal

fishing report 5/21

Day before opening day for Fluke. Bill from Marina was looking for me to show him some tricks and we set up today . Always a little nervous when picking a day and time to take someone and show what I do…weather report wasn’t good as rain was all around us but we pulled out of dock at 6:15 on first of incoming tide . I decided to look for Bluefish first and they were there and we managed to land 6 . Bill got his first Bluefish. Switched to fluke and managed to find 7 with 3 that would be legal tomorrow
Little rain coming when I decide to head north and look for a bass,after 3 stops we found a spot with some bass and we got 4 ,nothing real big but they were angry.Bill got his first Striped bass.
Rain coming up again as we end the trip and I would say we had a successful trip but we needed a weakfish for a Grand Slam
Tomorrow is opening day for fluke all the peace and quiet of the Spring will be over and with opening day with a low tide at 7am it should be an ugly scene
Thanks Bill for great company ,hopefully some of these tricks will work for you all summer

fishing report 5/20

No Fog this morning but stiff WNW wind .Started looking for bass but found none ,made a stop for weakfish and found Bluefish, Caught and tagged 8 ,these were smaller fish than last week18-22″ .Decided to see if fluke were hungry and landed 8 but these also were smaller than earlier in month at 15-17″. Wind pushing me all over so decided to head home BUT made one final stop and got a short bass of 19″ and headed for the dock


I should have stayed in bed this morning.Thick
Fog when I got to boat but I went out anyway. Started out trolling for bass into the Bay with nothing..Headed into the Bay looking for Fluke,Fog is so thick I could barely see my bow and was fishing entirely by GPS .After working the bay for an hour with NOTHING I decided to head north and back on the bass. This was a slow trip as I could barely run half speed.Finally got there and found 1 short bass on a Smack it JR surface plug…If you haven’t got a Smack it Jr in your box and you like Striped bass you are missing a great lure. But that was the only bass I could find. Tried another Fluke spot with nothing , Fluke are starting to worry me as I have never had a May like this for fluke. Decided to start home making a couple of stops along the way with nothing.
Decided before quiting I would try the south end of my creek which has been good early season fluke spot NOTHING .. I did see a 8-9ft shark in 3 ft of water circling I suspect she was dropping her young.
No fluke ,never had a touch so started a slow troll back when the rod was almost pulled out of my hands ,after 10-12 minutes of playing this fish that made 4 jumps completely out of the water I finally got her to boat and tagged a 34″ Bluefish.Fog finally lifting but I was fed up with lack of fish and came home
Should have stayed in bed


Cloudy morning with few off and on light rain drops but no wind.. Went looking for bass and got first one on my new Smack it Jr surface plug…Smack Jr is great plug for early morning bass and can be found at Boulavard Bait and Tackle in Ocean View. I had one miss in same area. Tried another spot using a Rattle trap now that the sky was lighting up and got another bass on the Rattletrap and a Bluefish.Than nothing so headed to another spot on last of incoming tide and got into an angry 34″ Bluefish but left the area to look for bass which I could not find… Switched to fluke and fluke bite continues to be slow at least on top of the tide but did manage to get one short fluke before calling it a morning
Won’t go down as one of my better May 18’s
Tomorrow is another day


Beauitiful morning but fish were not cooperating.After searching for a bass for 2 hours I decided to see if there were any weakfish left. Water temp on bottom was 51 probably causing lock jaw as it was a 6 degree drop over past 2 days. Got to my weakfish hole and picked up 1 short fluke,went back over the spot and got into something angry but spit the hook half way in .Went back over same area and got into another angry fish that went on 4 solid runs before I got her to the net and had a 26″ weakfish. went back over the spot BUT a damn crabber came by at full speed and nothing after .Decided to call it a morning to get ready for my seminar at Boulavard Bair and Tackle at 3pm





Weatheman was off this morning,calm winds were forecasted but when I got to boat it was N 15-18mph and gusty. I headed out anyway looking for bass. found a couple of smaller Bluefish 22″ and than got into a 27″ bass .Wind is making life miserable…. Made a move and found another bass of 23″ Decided to call it a morning but stopped in my creek on way home and got into a nasty 27″ Bluefish …However this Bluefish WON as it got a peice of my hand while trying to dehook and tag. With hand bleeding pretty good and couple of it’s teeth in my thumb I headed to the barn and called it a morning as wind was now probably over 20 with gust .
Maybe tomorrow will find less wind


WELL , FOG finally lifted after 4 days and today i had strong SW winds . Today I decided to see what was up north but after 1 1/2 hours of looking headed back south as wind was buiding.. I got into one big angry Bluefish and after several runoffs I finally got her to boat and tagged it 32″. But that was the only Bluefish.
Switched to Fluke and quickly picked up 2 shorts than nothing,made a move to another spot and landed a 23″ Fluke. Bottom of tide worked my way back to dock but found nothing
Tomorrow clearly looks like a “WIND OUT” as will probably catch up on some sleep and see what happens Thursday