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April is over and glad to see it go . I left dock looking for bass. Not the prettist morning but little warmer than previous days
Top of the tide ,after looking for bass a few minutes I decided to travel maybe find a trout as there didn’t appear to be too many boats in the trout hole. When I got there I found 3 kayaks . I did manage to pick up 2 decent fluke of 21 and 23″ but now getting crowded so left. Went up a favorte small creek and found a bass and 2 bluefish. Tide now moving out nicely so went looking for bass and while hitting several spots and not getting more than on in a spot I ended the day with 5 more bass. Wind come up from East putting a chill in the air
Decided I would call it a morning. Not too bad a morning bit still looking for that legal size bass.Bass were 19-23″ but angry 6 bass, 2 fluke and 2 Bluefish
Tomorrow does not look good with coastal storm moving up the coast.


This morning was the nicest morning of the month 50 degrees and no wind ,bright sun. Picked up a double header bass on first stop than nothing ,after several other stops I got 2 more bass .Decided to see if any Fluke were hungry and picked up 2 -21″ fluke but it was a slow bite so went back looking for bass and found one more bass before calling it a morning
May get tomorrow morning in but weather will take a down turn sometime tomorrow and Friday


The wind is my enemy,left dock with an air temp a little warmer at 48 BUT stiff north wind 15-25mph
Found 2 bass quickly but had trouble keeping the boat steady in the wind,tried another spot and found 2 more and miss a couple than nothing
Wind is now gusty and nothing happening ,made another move only to find a school of bluefish after losing 2 as a result of them biting off my lures I did manage to land one at 24″ but left looking for bass
Tide almost out and nothing happening so called it a morning
Tomorrow looks a little more promising so we shall see
Meeting tonight on current fishing conditions and regulations put on by Cape May Chamber


IT was a beautiful NOVEMBER morning oh wait!! it is almost MAY !!!!! Dead calm but cool at 43 ,few degrees warmer than yesterday .. Wind out of west ,”when wind is from the west the fish bite the best ” First stop picked up a bass ,next pass another one than nothing .Made a move and got #3 and 4 than nothing ,Made another move and got #5 and 6 than nothing… Wind coming up tide almost out but found another bass ,started home made one stop on very bottom of the tide and landed #8
These were not big fish 19-24″ but they were angry as a result of the hook in their mouth.
Wind just won’t quit and forecast for next couple of days doesn’t look good for wind but a little warmer

fishing report Apr 26

Another cold April morning at 41 when I pulled out with a NE wind . Could not buy a bite,took a ride to otherside of the bay where there were 15 boats and a few bluefish being caught and turn around and left Had a couple of pickups trolling but could not get a hook in them but finally landed a 25″ bass that saved the day. NE wind picking up on turn of the tide and I called it a day Would love to see some warm southerly wind


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I got out on bottom of the tide before the wind came up this morning and landed 2 bass 18 and 20″ and 1 small fluke . Had a couple other pick ups but couldn’t get a hook in them Water temp 56 on bottom of tide but 2 hours in it was down to 50 and no bites .First trip is now history
weather next 3 days doesn’t look good


BUCKTAIL WILLIE is finally floating at the dock. I  finally got her launched  this morning  and tied up BUT a west wind 20-30 mph will keep it tied up
This has been one tough Spring trying to get it back in the water with numerous little problems and lousy weather
I am probably getting too old to handle this boat and probably should be looking to downsize BUT for now it is floating. Maybe I can even try to fish in morning


Hopefully I will launch this week and wet a line .. Grand kids and traveling along with the lousy winter has me 10-14 days late

I will be putting on a Seminar on how I catch fish on MAY 16TH 3PM AT BOULAVARD BAIT AND TACKLE IN OCEAN VIEW,NJ
I will cover Fluke with opening day the following week, early Striped bass, Bluefish and Weakfish
I will cover what I do that has allowed me to tag and release 18,885