Winter doesn’t want to leave but fish will be here ,maybe a little later than normal but will be here ARE YOU READY???
NOW is the time to check your reels ,clean or replace drags,check the roller guide and make sure it rolls nicely, check the guides on your rods for cracks. Best way to check guides is with a cotton tip,if cottom drags or pulls replace the guide
Finally clean you rods and add a good coat of wax

IF you follow this you will be ready when fish arrive
Typically Fluke arrive first week of April and Bass that wintered over start to get hungry. This year given the weather and lower than normal water temps everything may be 2 -3 weeks late but they will get here.
Current ocean temp is 29 and unless that rises quickly next 3 weeks to upper 30’s low 40’s the Fluke migration may get stopped by cold water as they will not migrate through water temps of 28-36

In any event NOW is the time to get ready