making your own bucktail jigs

If you are interested in saving money and making your own bucktail jigs over the winter I will be describing the process and you could make them for under $1 after an initial investement
What do you need to start as intial investment
#1 a fly tying vise or something to hold the jig
a simple one can be bought for $20
#2 bucktail hair ..bucktail hair is hollow and makes
best jigs . You can buy in varies colors for $5 or less
you can get 10-14 jigs per tail $5
#3 flying tying thread for saltwater jigs I like size D
Nylon , 100 yd spool good for over 40 jigs $3
# 4 assuming you aren’t melting your own jigs and
will buy complete with hook the average cost per
will be $.50
painted $.55
#5 you will need a wrap coating material to cover
the wrap . I like Seal Coat as it is one step and
holds up great with one coat , 4 oz jar is good for
250 plus lures $13
#6 narrow brush to apply $.10

#7 paint I like using dry paint and I dry it in a
toaster oven .I like Pro Tec powder paint appr $7
and good for 100 plus jigs . If you would rather use an epoxy paint you can find 1oz bottle for under $5

Total investment cost is under to get started $50

if you want to make from scratch you will need a
lead melting pot $40
hooks varying sizes at approx .08 per
an access to lead OR you can buy in
1 lb ingots for approx $3 per lb

You are now set to produce your own jigs. I will provide below some resources to find the needed supplies Search around for best prices

Terminal Tackle in NY
Lure Parts on line ,com

or you local bait and tackle shop if open

Next few days I will describle the process for making a bucktail jig