OK, I assume you have the needed materials and I  will take you through step by step
#1- I assume you have either made your own jigs or have bought unpainted jigs.
#2 start with painting the jig in color of your choice. I start with white and move to Chartreause . You have 2 choices of of paint. Liquid epoxy paint which you can be applied with a brush and let dry.if possible after drying bake in a toaster oven for improved durability
OR I prefer a dry paint, I heat jig in toaster oven to 250 degrees and than dip into the dry paint of color of choice,put back in toaster oven for 15-20 seconds or until paint is smooth ,remove and dip again and repeat in oven until paint is smooth lower temperature to 175 and bake for 10 minutes
You can do 10-15 at a time in toaster oven
#3 you are ready to wrap hair , cut off hair from bucktail in small batches and begin to wrap using 4/0 or 5/0 thread. DON”T bunch up but put around jig in small batches evenly . Applying in batches is what allows the jig hair to breathe in the water when lightly jigging
Once you have the hook covered ,finished the wrap by continuning to wrap hair until all covered.You have 2 options for excess hair ,One is cut off excess hair and finish the wrap or 2 which is what I do is fold the hair back and keep wrapping until all hair is covered.
#4 once wrap is complete coat the wrap with a sealant .I like water based Seal Coat which only requires one coat and let dry. But any clear coat sealant will do the job

To enhance the drying and reduce runs of the coating I like to put back in the toaster oven with a temperature of 150 degrees for 10 minutes and this adds to the durability of the paint
You now have fish catching bucktail jigs at a cost of less than $1 per depending on size of jig

This jig unlike mass produced jigs by most manufaturers will have a real life breathing motion when lightly jigging

Good luck .IF you have any further questions feel free to ask