Going into October I was very optimistic as October has been my best month for past 8 years . Key date this month is Oct 10th as the bass had come on strong around that date give ot take a couple of days either way for past 8 years
Month started out with water temp at 69-70.
FLUKE bite was hot but size generally down and they were in the shallow bays for the most part sucking up the bait that was thick
Total FLUKE for month 89 but largest was 19″ and average size 14.17″

BASS — Oct 10 th came and went without a strong bite .Surface poppers early in morning worked most of the ,month and once sun came up it was trolled bucktails. Bass appeared to still be resident fish and not the normal migrating fish I was seeing the last several years in October
Live eels produced a couple but nothing to get excited about .Best catch of the month was a 30″ bass on a surface popper. Normal spots were not producing and I did a lot of searching to find the few I caught
Total BASS 24 average size 18.93 Largest 30″
My Oct average caught and tagged in Oct the past 8 years was 90 plus but not this year

BLUEFISH —They were still hanging around through first half of the month but no decent size .All caught while searching for bass
Total BLUEFISH 8 av size 13.89″ Largest 16.5″
2014 did turn out to produce the most bluefish I’ve tagged in several years

Sea Bass which I usually tag 100 plus every Oct were scarce and what was caught was small ,under 8″ I only b tag 8″ or above
October 2014 will go down as a very frustrating month and so far the normal bass migration inside has not started .
Water temp at end of month was 59 and it was a fairly windy month
There was a much better bite to my south as guys I talked to down there had them almost every day. I made the trip down twice and both days were the 2 best for size I had all month. I’m wondering if the sand that seems to be filling in Corson inlet from toll bridge out is affecting this years bass run????