I was optimisitc going into November as 11 of the last 12 years has always produced the largest and most bass of the year and first 8 days were always the best days of the month for size and numbers .
Problem was the short and long range weather forecast was not good. I actually could not get out until 5th due to wind and rain. Got out on 5th and found a few bass . On 6th I got soaked by the rain but found one 32″er .8th I get to boat and it is covered with an ice coating but light winds so out I went and found 5
9th-10th found a couple but nothing to brag about
11th the forecast was turning lousy with high winds and dropping temperatures…Water temps dropped 8 degrees in 5 days.
Found couple of bass on 11th but weather forecast was horroble SO decided to pull boat and call it a year as the 10 day forecast had rain and high winds as result of nor’easter rolling up the coast
Not very happy I pulled boat
Total for month was 22 bass, other than 2012 when Sandy screwed everything up this was worse November in 12 years for numbers and size
total 22 bass
largest 32″
Av size 21.95″
Only 4 were caught on eels, the rest on White trolled bucktails with white twister tails …This was another strange thing in 2014 as in previous years Chartreuse and Red bucktails with similar Twister tails outproduced White. This year nothing on those 2 combinations only white

So 2014 is over ,than to end this year on bad note when I got boat back in driveway after getting it winterized the front cross member of trailer broke. Now waiting for insurance adjuster to tell me whether insurance covers the damage . THAN I have to get boat off trailer on blocks in such a way so I can get it back on after getting trailer fix
One thing for sure November is always full of surprises


I will be posting some of my tips off and on this winter so stay tuned. 2015 will see a 25% reduction in striped bass regulations but we probably won’t know officially until Early Spring as NJ Legislature must pass a bill that meets ASMFC guidelines..Summer Flounder at this point looks to be similar to 2014 and regionalzation will remain.HOWEVER there is a slight chance NJ could be split with north half of State staying in NY region and Southern half going into Delaware region. I give this a 25% chance in 2015 we shall see