I always look forward to Sept arriving,less boat traffic and usually starts the Fall run. This year Sept started rough with lots of wind almost everyday and as the month went on the Fall was not shaping up as years past. Couple of things caused me to wonder what was going on #1 Sea Bass remained very small unlike past years when by Sept 10-13″ seabass was normal #2 no kingfish. every year for past 9 I had a good run of Kingfish on small bucktails not this year. The water was cyrstal clear like it has been most of the year. Sept has me changing my techinques and I spend a lot of time looking for new places for fish to hide. Bottom line it turned out to be an interesting but not all that rewarding month
FLUKE were hanging around in significant numbers ,Total of 101 were caught in the month and MOST ,well over 80%, were caught in water less than 5ft deep. They were feeding on small shiners on flats LARGEST was 23″ but majority under 18″ and the average was 14.5″..Light bucktails 1/4-1/2 oz in white and pink tipped with a Gulp minnow in similar color was most consistent bait

BASS–Bass was an early morning bite on surface plugs for most part. Smacki Jr was the surface lure of choice worked slow.. Total bass was 11 and largest was 23″ with an average of 18.5 …Interesting note to make here is the typical spots for Sept Bass did not produce,why I have no idea BUT did find a couple of new spots for future reference. There also was a significant lack of mullet and peanut bunker ,oh there were a few but nothing like years past in Sept

Bluefish —Bluefish remained in the area the entire month and while I tried to avoid them I still ended up with 26,largest was 23″ and average size ended up being 14.75″

As I closed out the month I began ro wonder why this Fall was not shaping up as previous 9 years and was not coming up with any answers.
No major storms but as I mention in beginning lots of wind
MISC–I did catch ,land and tag 2 sharks over 4ft and one Starglazer was caught
EVERYTHING caught in Sept was tagged and released to fight another day