jUNE was a disappointing month,overall size was down on most species from years past
Month started out with water temps of 70 and increased to 74 by month end
FLUKE– total caught tagged and released was80, largest 3 at 24″, but overall average size was down at 14.38″. Was tough to find a legal size fish second half of the month as influx of small fish arrived mid-month.
The bucktail wille 2 hook rig with bucktail on short leader and long leader with 5/0 gold hook was the rig of choice for fluke in June. Bucktail had a Gulp Shrimp on it and 5/0 hook had a Gulp minnow in pearl,or pink . occasionally a strip of fresh bluefish. Bucktail jig , was as light as possible, rarely over 5/8 oz so as not to drag bottom,the fluke generally come up to get the bait . Color of bucktail was interesting.I usually start out with white and that generally is most consistent but there were days in June where nothing hit white but hit pink or green… i have yet to figure why ??

BASS— Total 19 caught , largest 26″, average size 19.96″ Bass thinned out as water warmed up but those that took up residence were caught on surface poppers in early morning .

Bluefish — Blues were still hanging around in June and I tried to avoid them .Total caught ,tagged and released 13 largest 20″ average size 17.85″.. Most of these were caught on poppers when looking for bass but a couple bothered me when searching for weakfish but they were thinning out…

Weakfish —I spent several hours looking for weakfish, there was a bite south of me before sunrise several mornings but I never made it down that far for varies reasons.. I did catch ,tag and released one weakfish 24″ and lost 2 others at the boat .While this is an improvement over past few years .going back 1o years June would produce 8-12 every morning . Maybe they will continue to build As I said June was a disappointing month as it had been the best month of the year the past 4 years. I think increased water temps may have had something to do with the results
21 days on the water in June
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