A rather cool morning and I had ice covering the boat this morning but light wind. first stop my eel never hitt he bottom when I was into a 26″er and I’m pumped up but than nothing for next hour. Tide got down below the top of the sod bank and I found some bass and proceeded to land and tag another 7 bass between 18-25″ . Nothing was hitting my eel and all but first fish were caught on bucktails .. fish were not all that aggressive in the 52 degree water and every one was caught on a drop back drifting with the tide ,nothing against the tide today. Bite was real light hits almost like you were hitting something on the bottom ..Won’t fish tomorrow but hope to get a couple of days next week before a strong cold front comes through which could be the end but hopefully not as I would like to stay in until Thanksgiving
One other note the ONLY color bucktail working for me is WHITE with whote twister tail