You could not have asked for a better November morning,little cool at 37 but no wind and it warmed up into mid 50’s quickly . BUT no one told the fish it was a nice day. I fished top of the tide in morning and picked up 2 bass and that was it. Tide started out so called it a morning with an idea to come back on bottom of tide which I did. I fish the last 2 hours of outgoing and managed to get 1 bass…. All 3 were shorts at 23-26″
Extremely disappointed given how nice it was and knowing it is not going to last as strong winter storm is on horizon so before coming home I went to the bar . Maybe if I’m luckly I will get 2 more days in
The interesting thing today was one fish on an eel, one fish on a Spot and one fish on a bucktail….Go figure
Unless there is a change in 10 day forecast I will be calling it a year on Wednesday and pulling the boat as current 10 day forecast is for below freezing temps at night and some wind. I’m getting too old to deal with that kind of weather