Bucktail Willie’s 2014 recap April /May

I’m going to recap the year a little different this year. I will break down the year by months and species
The year started out tough, I was finally able to launch April 15th but never was able to fish due to wind and weather until April 21st
First day I finally got out I found Fluke but only caught 7 for month with an average size of 18.2″ . in April This was a considerable change from years past as the past 3 years larger fluke in good numbers were caught in early April. . Best bait was gulp shrimp on small bucktail worked slow in New Penny color… Wintered over Striped bass began to come alive on 25th and I managed to get 18 for month .As is usually the case these fish are small and average size was 16.65″. These fish were aggressive as the water temp climped over 50. All caught trolling 5/8 oz White bucktails with white twister tails. Tried Chartruese which usually was best color early but no takers .There was an indicator here.
May arrived and weather began to improve. Fluke in May were numerous and I caught,tagged and released 129 fluke but average size for month was down to 15.62″ .However first 10 days of the month average size was 18.39″. Preferred bait most of the month was fresh cut bait on a small bucktail . Few caught on Gulp.Largest fluke for month was 26″
Small agressive Striped bass still around as water temp was having diffiuclty getting much over 52. 48 bass in May with average size of 16.93″ Same troll combination worked best but I did get 2 on a poppers late in the month. Largest bass24″
Bluefish which the past couple of years were hard to find in any numbers arrived on their normal schedule of a couple of years back and I caught 62 with average size of 16.68″ ,largest being 22″. Most were caught while trying for bass and they actually became a pain in the A@#
Opening Day for Fluke was interesting as it opened on a Friday and crowd wasn’t quite as thick as it normally is on openign day
Month ended with water at 62
So far this was shaping up as a different year as all 3 species were found in some different locations
Osprey arrived right on schedule and there were 2 sea otters in Whale creek along with a couple of dolphins late in the month
This recaps my first 38 days of 2014….
Feel free to ask questions