August is not my favorite month to fish and I only fished 14 days. However it is a good month to search out different areas that potentially hold fish. Water most of the month was cyrstal clear, few mullet showing up along with a few peanut bunker
FLUKE as usual were on small side and I didn’t spend a lot of time fishing for them. Did catch ,tag and release 15 plus one legal fluke of 19″. Most of the fluke were found in small creeks leading out of shallow bays as the shallow bays were loaded with bait . In August I put my “bucktail willie rig” away and go to a single bucktail with Gulp.Reason being the waters get invaded with small aggressive sea bass and you will spend more time baiting hooks than fishing. White continued to outproduce all other colors,white gulp shimp with white bucktail was hot

BASS— August produces short resident bass usually very early in morning or after dark. 14 bass were caught ,tagged and released with largest AT 24″ . 6 caught on poppers and 8 on trolled bucktails ,once again WHITE was the color

BLUEFISH– they were everywhere and really a problem when looking for bass, Total caught ,tagged and released 21 with largest at 19″.. They hit about everything I threw or trolled .

WEAKFISH—- I looked every morning for weakfish as when weakfish were abundant few years ago August was a hot month. HOWEVER all I could catch,tag and release were 3. Did have 3 others almost in the boat but lost them after seeing…. The interesting thing here again was White was the bait of choice, I tried numerous other color combinations but white was the bait of choice… Water clarity has to have something to do with this as I continue to see the clearest water I have seen in Summer

Clearly 2014 has been a strange year and after reviewing 30 years of logs I cannot find another year similar and with water so clear. Also fish were being found in different locations than the past,this indicates some bottom changes taking place. You need tobe flexible and willing to check out new places for nice rewards