July was a disappointing month and nothing like past 4 July’s … The past 4 years had legal size bass being caught first 2 weeks of Month and in good numbers .Not this year
Hurricane Arthur went by little offshore beginning of the month

38 STRIPED BASS were caught with largest 25″ and average size of 19.39″ 17 on surface poppers early AM and balance on trolled buctails with twister tail .White out produced every other combination. Clearly a down month as compared to previous years,very disappointing

16 -BLUEFISH were caught primarily while trying for bass.largest was 25″ but average size was only 16.68″…. Bluefish most plentiful in 5 years

75 -FLUKE were caught in the month and largest 18.5″ and average size of 13.09″ . This was a typical July with the influx of very small and aggressive Fluke.. Most of the larger Fluke that arrived in April are now moving to ocean lumps . Most of fluke caught are now being found near and in shallow bays . The shallow bays and sunds are full of bait

WEAKFISH– found weakfish on 2 days after 7 days of looking largest 24″ and average size was 22.56″ Total was only 5 … There were more being caught further south but bite was in darkness,,, They clearly didn’t take up residence in my area but a good sign for future

To keep things interesting in July I landed 2 Butterfly Rays well over 50 lbs. Also landed 2 large sharks of 5 ft in shallow water

One thing that is becoming very clear is the best color has been WHITE, in years past Chartruese was best color in July for everything not this year. I suspect the water clarity had a lot to do with White . Following the Hurricane going by beginning of month the water got real clear and you could see 3-4 down, Very unusual for July