IT was not a pretty morning when I got to dock,wind was howling 15-20 and again debated whether it was worth going out. But given NE wind was pushing the tide in I decided to go after I finished my coffee. Tide little higher than normal but not as high as last night so my thought was with water temp dropping a little to 73 and strong wind the oxygen content had to be better and fish may get active . I trolled down the creek and seeing nothing I headed to bay where wind was pushing bait up close to bank and was able to raise 2 bass and landed one 22″er . Tide beginning to turn wind getting stronger and surface plug was useless.
Decision time do I keep looking for bass or search for fluke?? Decided to go for fluke ,thought being following last nights high tide ,fluke would be near shallow bays where it empties into the numerous creeks. Decided on which creek and first drift produced a 20″ fluke BUT wind was keeping me from hitting the right spot. Whenever I hit my spot I had a fluke and did this for next hour catching 16-17″ fluke, Tide now going out and wind against it so all I was doing was sitting in one spot.Tried a back troll and landed a good one 23 1/2″ and a hair short of 5 lb at 4.97lbs . Kept at it for another 1/2 hour but bite slowed down probably because I couldn’t hit my spot in this wind that was now pushing 25 with few higher gust so called it a morning
Not too bad a morning with 12 Fluke and 2 keepers and a bass
Given the conditions I have to say pretty good morning
Productive fluke bait was 1/2 oz white bucktail with 3″ Berkley guly shrimp with new penny body and btight green tails
Significant weather rolling in this afternoon