Today was a day of remembrance . Got to dock and wind was howling and any other day with howling wind and low tide I would have stayed tied up BUT today brings back bad mIemories. On 9/11/01 I was sitting in mouth of Corsons Inlet catching fluke. I also had for the first time an AM radio on board and I was listening to Talk radio while catching fish when the news started breaking. After I’m not sure how long I began to see the dark clouds of smoke in the sky that otherwise there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and by now it was clear we were under attack and I headed for dock.
Every year since on 9/11 I go to that spot ,shut off engine and remember that morning. Today I was sitting in a 3-4 ft chop. As I sat there I could not help think how far this country has come since that day. Muslims Attacked us and today we have a President who was raised and educated early as Muslim and a President who has his college records lock out for life ,WHY??
Same President has 11 Czars as advisors that did not require congressional approval and 9 of the 11 are Muslim
As I sat there rocking and rolling I could not get out of my mind what the future for this country looks like and that leaves me depressed

I did get one short fluke on way home
Sorry for the rant but today is day of remembrance and we can never forget and hopefully our future as a Country is better than my thoughts and my Grandchildren will have the same great country I grew up in
God Bless America