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It was a little damp this morning with off and on showers .Once again I was looking for bass but found none. ton of small Bluefish chewing away on my bait but no bass. Stopped in a Fluke area to see if they were still there and they were ,the fluke nursery is still available but unable to get the babysitter as all the fluke were 15-17″
Sept is gone,hopefully Oct will bring some better results with bass,biggest problem is water temps just won’t drop and still holding at 70


Beautiful morning when I pulled out of dock waiting for sun to come up. I had a plan to find bass but must have been a lousy plan because I never saw a bass and I couver a lot of water .All I could find was few Bluefish in areas where bass should have been. Made a quick stop for fluke and picked up 2 quickly but than returned looking for bass with no success
Water temps still in 70’s which is not good. Next couple of days could be callenging as a front appears to be rolling up the coast,hopefully it will stay off shore


I left dock this morning under cover of darkness and pockets of thick fog and headed South to where I last had bass,I like to call it my honey hole as it has always produce BUT not today. I worked the area for 1 1/2 hours without TOUCH, not in my best mood I headed back home only to hear of a couple of bass caught near home early. On way home I stopped for Fluke even though season was closed ,I picked up 12 inclduing 2 that would have been legal IF season was open. i have tagged over 350 fluke this year
Beautiful morning and calm winds but my decision making is clearly questionable . So headed home and broke out the VO bottle in attempt to get into a better mood. Tomorrow is another day maybe I will be smarter


Left dock this morning with bass on my mind ,water cleared up a little but still full of grass. Never saw a sign of a bass. Last day for keeping fluke so decided to give it a shot and managed to find 6 including one 19″ keeper
I’m going to look into changing plans next couple of days if wind cooperates and see if I can find bass in different places . Gas at dock down to $3.80 so suspect I’ll ne burning some looking


Finally got back on water after 2 days of a coastal storm with yesterday being the worse. i wasn’t very optimistic given the amount of rain and wind past 2 days .Search around in several normally productive spots and no bass Tried a fluke spot and picked up one short
as they say “when wind is from the north the fish do not come forth ” and north it was coming
Most of all the osprey have leftwhich is first sign that the bass migration should start


Record breaking cold morning for Sept 23 with 46 at the dock .I went looking for Bass but could only find a couple of bluefish. Tide moving out so switched to Fluke under bright sun and managed to get 12 Fluke including 2 legal fluke of 19 and 20″
Resident Bass appear to have left on this moon as I didn’t mark a fish . Now we will have to wait for the migrating ocean fish to show up which may be another week or so unless water temp drops quickly
Bluefish are thinning out so I may try an eel next couple of days in the event there are still some residents around
Fluke were all caught in relatively shallow water of 3-6ft in mouths of creeks leading from Ludlam Bay and Corson sound. Chartreuese shrimp seemed to be the best bait


Interesting morning for sure,got to dock and Morgan had set up a light in water and in the light were 10-12 striped bass just slowly swimming around,very little bait and what was there the bass were not interesting in
One of the bass had a tag in it
. I watched for 15 minutes and realized these fish were not interested in filling their stomachs .
So I got in the boat and went looking for bass that may be hungry and after 3-400 cast I finally got one to attack my lure and it turned out to be a 24″ angry bass but than nothing . Switched to fluke and picked up 2 shorts and went back to bass on outgoing tide but finding nothing I called it a day. Clearly there are some bass around but not interested in dinner
Need a couple more degree drop for sure


Left dock under cover of darkness and headed South, long ride dodging conch traps and finally got to one of my favorite spots a little late .But did managed to get 6 bass and 2 Bluefish before the tide forced me out
returned to old areas looking for Fluke and found 5 shorts before calling it a morning
Fall is in the air for sure, thousands of sea gulls schooling up to fly south ,damn near had one hit my windshield . Most of the Osprey have left so expect to see some Bald Eagles very soon
Tomorrow is not looking good right now


A BEAUTIFUL MORNING ,liitle cool at 51 but beautiful and sunrise was outstanding. Left dock with bass on my mind but was only able to find one along with 4 Bluefish. Decided to look for fluke and found a real light bite as they were picking up the bait and dropping it but I managed to get 8 to the boat but all short between 15-17″
don’t know if there will be a chapter 2 but given it some thought

Crabbing appears to be very good both Cameron and Boulevard Bait and Tackle and Morgan at Whale creek can give you some great insight on best spots for crabs


Beautiful evening ,great sunset after missing the sunrise this morning due to the rain .HOWEVER the fish were not cooperating and all I could find was one Bluefish in the same area I was in this morning. Will hit it again in morning and try different area