fishing report 8/7/14

Headed out this morning under cover of darkness around 4:15 and headed to Sound with my popper on top of the tide, Challenge was dodging the crab traps in the dark. After a hundred plus cast and never seeing a fish I went to plan B, General was working ICW reported a couple of misses but no fish. I headed to other end of Sound but another guy was in my spot so headed up a small creek where i got in to a doubleheader fluke catch trolling for bass. This was a first for me ,have caught fluke trolling for bass but never 2. 17″er hit the teaser and a 15″er hit the bucktail which had a worm almost as big. Still no bass. General reports one 18″er . I search around, tide now going out so went to Plan C where I finally got into a 22″ bass on a trolled dead stick bucktail and than once again nothing
Decided I would head to a potential weakfish spot but nothing there but small sea bass so decided to work my way home BUT on way home managed to get into one more bass in an area I never expected to find a bass ,19″ …. worked that area a little longer than called it a day as shoobies and their go fast jet skies were all over
It is August so guess I should be happy with 2 bass
Next few days will be entertaining fishing with friends and nothing serious
Water temps 73-75