Fishing Report 8/22 and 23

Wind is my enemy, Yesterday got to dock and wind was coming up and I debated whether I wanted to get beat up but then finally decided to try it
Should have stayed tied up,wind would not let me drop baits into key spots for bass or weakfish and once sun came up wind was harder. Found a couple of Blues but back at dock by 7:30 looking for coffee
Today got to dock and wind still howling out of NE I decided I would stayed tied up and do some maintenence . I had a bilge pump acting up so went to work ,good news is it wasn’t the pump but the togle switch
Heard of a couple of bass being caught including one over 30.Once all my chores were done on the boat I went out for an hour in the hard wind.I managed to get 6 Blues and one short bass who apparently was looking for his mother and missing nursery school
Oh well tomorrow maybe wind will die down a little