Didn’t get a lot of sleep last after going to a Birthday Party and to make matters worse I set the alarm clock wrong,instead of 4am I had it set for 3am and never realized it until I got to dock. I left the dock a little earlier than normal. Instead of looking around I headed right to where I had fish yesterday. Dead calm and no bird activity I started trolling. 3rd pass over this spot resulted in a fat and angry 25″ bass than nothing .Decided to make a move and found another fat and angry bass of 23″ than again nothing. I’m not marking any bait like I was yesterday and tide was dropping out fast. I went back to first stop and found a couple of Bluefish in the rain. Rain coming down hard and I need a coffee so headed back to the dock where the sun was shining as the Whale Creek Navy was leaving docks .Tied up at 7:30 and came home for some sleep
Tomorrow could be iffy as forecast is all over the map but we shall see