I decided I would give it a try early this morning before the weekend wariors showed up and left dock around 4:30 with little over 2 hours of outgoing tide. First stop I got into a 20″ weakfish followed by couple of Bluefish than nothing .just before sun broke horizon I get into a 22″ Bass
Sun coming up and birds got active and I got into 4 more Bluefish
Boats now arriving so decided to call it a morning but did get a good show by one of the weekend warriors. This guy in a 22ft Grady runs out of the channel on dead low tide and sits on less than a foot of water. l . I could see him lift engine up and race engine full speed kicking mud all over as he inched his way out into deeper water. Now keep in mind this is a clearly marked ICW channel. WHAT does this guy do once in channel opens up full speed and goes right across the channel onto another mud bar. I could see he was pretty much high and dry and probably would be there for a couple of hours.
I’ve seen guys run aground before and I have done it BUT have never seen anyone after getting stuck drive directly across a marked channel onto another mud bar
Weekends are entertaining