left dock around 4:30 with light rain all around but little wind. Headed for a shallow bay on top of the tide and found bass along sodbanks in 2 ft of water… Ended up with 5 up to 26 ” before the sun came up. Once sun came up I could not find another bass….. Catching them on poppers in 2 ft of water is the best as these fish take 2-3 jumps before you get them to the boat……. Only other fish I found was a 18″ bluefish
Water temp had dropped to 58 degrees on top of the tide and once it turned out temp was increasing …Fish may be in shock with huge temperature changes.
Wind coming up so called it a day around 8:30
Smacker Jrs is the surface popper that seems to be the best. It is an expensive popper but effective
Boulavard Bait and tackle in Ocean View has a nice selection if interested in catching bass on poppers. However this time of the year best time for a popper is early morning or at dusk unless you have a real cloudy dayf wind cooperates tomorrow morning we should have a little more time in the shallow bays