Conditions were almost perfect for bass,water temp in mid 60’s ,first of outgoing tide BUT stiff wind that only got stiffer as the sun rose.
I headed to a Sound and found fish but could not get them on a hook. I suspect they were short stripers that kept missing my popper…They apparently are in need of a good Optomitrist . Tried every possible method fast ,slow ,in between and they just missed the popper.Even had one miss the popper while it was dead in the water .Obviously not big fish so left still looking for bass by trolling but was not seeing anything.Finally caught a Bluefish but that was it .Wind now pushing 25 so started home but made one stop on way back where I finally found a short striper
3 other boats from marina looking but no one else had a bass.
This really has me puzzled as given water temp bass should be on the feed
Guess that is why it is called fishing and no catching