NOT a good morning,left dock around 5 after reviewing the weather radar and it looked like a couple of hours before storms rolled in WRONG!!!!
.Plan was to look for weakfish start of incoming tide but finding none and water full of grass I headed to another area looking for a bass but as I got there the skies lit up with lightening and opened up with rain. Put hammer down and headed to bridge for cover . Storm past left bridge and started looking again BUT here comes more rain,not as much lightening but rain. As I headed into my creek the clouds started to break up so decided to go to other end of creek on top of the tide even though stiff SW wind as blowing,finding nothing I decided to see if there were any SPOTS showing up but all I could find was very small seabass. It is beginning to look like my prediction of no SPOTS this year was good to my disappointed as this was one prediction I hoped was wrong
Rain gone ,wind up I’m heading home. As I pull into my dock the sun comes out but I’m done